Getting rid of squash bugs using just water

Anybody who has the pleasure of growing their own food knows what a disappointment it is to go to the garden and find your vegetables crying for help. In the following picture you can see the condition in which I found some of our poor zucchini plants this morning. ​​

I was sure the culprit must be an insect, possibly squash bugs, but there was no evidence of their presence. I read about getting rid of them, and there is quite a list of pesticides to deal with them, but that's not the way I solve problems in my garden. So I started by watering the plants... and a bug appeared.

I kept watering, and more bugs came out from the mulch around the plant. Since the bugs seemed to be bothered by the water I gave the plants a shower. Meanwhile, wearing rubber coated working gloves, I started squeezing all the bugs I could find. I kept watering all the squash plants in the garden and more bugs appeared. ​​ Sometimes the bugs took a few minutes to show up on top of the leaves to get dry, so I came back every so often to check the plants, watering again every time I found new bugs to kill. In the end I was able to kill all the bugs using just water and my fingertips. If you should have the same problem, I invite you to try to this way to deal with squash bugs, without any need of chemicals or other nasty stuff in your garden.

...And don't forget to watch out for the tiny eggs!

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