Let's start! ... and keep moving.

That's me and Daniele, building terraces on the slope in back of the house.

Around twenty years ago I was moving to Costa Rica trying to find a land to buy where to start a new adventure closer to nature. More or less around the same time, my parents in law, John and Catherine Huang were buying this property.

It took a long time to start working together, but I like to think that it was worth waiting. Especially because meeting and marrying their daughter Sarah was the best thing ever happened to me, and it was the key for meeting each other.

The project is huge, and there is so much to do that sometime, when I try to think at all the aspects of it, I start feeling dizzy. But I found the secret to make it real: " start, from the first piece of the project that seems to need to work on more urgently, and then keep moving. When I get tired or bored to work on something, instead of stopping and take a break, I switch to something else. I may not finish a long project right away but it will move forward, along with many other projects as well.

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