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Calendula Erfurter Orangefarbige

Calendula Erfurter Orangefarbige


(Pot marigold) Superior variety grown commercially for its flowers in Europe with value lying in its medicinal and cosmetic preparations. Most well known for its skin healing and soothing effects employed by its astringent, vulnerary and anti-inflammatory properties. Dried flowers can be brewed into a tea to help gastric ulcers and soothe digestion. Bright orange flower heads are a delight to both pollinators and in the kitchen, with its slightly sweet flavour that can be incorporated into sweet and savoury dishes. Known to be helpful in deterring pests, when planted around vegetable plants. Can be used as a natural dye. Best suited for cool temperate areas with mild summers, as yields will diminish if temperatures get too hot. Very low maintenance. Plant in full sun and well drained moist soil. Height 30cm.

(Source: Richter's seeds)

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