Pura Vida Eco Farm


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A: expanded the front herbs and vegetables garden.

B: added berries varieties to the berries garden.

C: added fruit trees and native plants to the orchard.

D: planted asparagus and strawberries on the terraces.

E: started creating rows for intensive planting

F: improved soil on the raised beds in the upper garden and started

    fencing it.

G: same as F plus started working on the hoop house project.

H: started to plant raspberries on the sloping hugelkultur.

I:  planted red fife wheat around peach trees.

L: hazelnuts still doing fine.

N, O, P, Q, R: improved soil on raised beds.

S: planted fruit trees, asparagus and perennials plants.

T: reorganizing the horse barn and the pony barn in order to create

    different use.

U: started planning for kids recreational areas.

V: created gravel road and area.

W: improved capacity of water reservoirs.

Z: Created compost pile areas.