Tropical Leaves

Pura Vida Eco Farm

Your choice
Pick your own

Fill a basket with food as you stroll through our gardens!

Price is by weight, the more you pick the less you pay. 

(Food cost only)

Come get your basket

Tell us what you want and we will fill your basket for you,

then you come to the farm to get it. 

(Food cost + harvest fee)

Receive your basket

We will deliver the food you want directly to your door.

(Food cost + harvest fee + delivery)

Grow your own 

Come share our gardening space!

We'll all work on the garden together, from planning to planting, from harvest to market stall.

We are trying to grow enough to sell to cover gardening costs and hopefully more.

Costs include land rent, water use, seed purchase and equipment maintenance.

Take home whatever produce you need, and any net gain after costs are covered

will be divided equitably amongst us.

Meal in a box

Subject to seasonal availability of produce. This box will include a recipe plus all the ingredients from our garden that you need for it.

For a little extra, we can even clean, peel and chop the veggies for you, making it ready to cook as soon as it gets to your kitchen!

The way we grow our food

Beyond organic, no chemicals of any kind,

no fertilizers, using the earth's natural microbiology

to maximize cultivation