Pura Vida Eco Farm


                     1: created the berries garden using raised beds.

                     2: started building a better soil and growing vegetables, testing

                         as many varieties as possible.

                     3: started an orchard planting mainly apples and pears.

                     4: after the major cleaning of the raccoons manure and the clearing

                         of all their hiding places, the horse barn reorganization has started

                         by removing all the non structural building materials in order to

                         reuse them for a different purpose.

                     5: readapted the pony barn to create a chicken house.

                     6: officially started the greenhouse planning.

                     7: tested some trees  from Mark Shepard (author of "Restoration Agriculture")

                        with Korean pines, chestnuts, hazelnuts. Planted also many varieties

                        of paw paw.

                     8: made improvement on the new road leading to the neighbour's

                        horse manure piles.

                     9: completed the new bridge (after the old one collapsed).

                    10: three culverts installed to start working on three crossings to

                         use with the tractors.