Pura Vida Eco Farm

coming soon

A place where people can share experience, knowledge and goods; practice, work, or just have a good time together, alone or with the family.


At the moment on our planet there are different kind of people:

1. people who are ready to destroy the ecosystem in order to gain money and/or power.

2. people who don't really care about the planet, as long as they can make a decent living keep on doing the things they are doing.

3. people who see that this system is not really working, and that it would be nice to find a more sustainable and healthy way of living.

4. people who can see clearly, tanks to the example of others, personal study, experience or  just natural instinct, that there is a way for a better system,    and that to make it real all is needed is to start living it personally.


This club is for the people of the third and fourth kind.